About Calvero

“What?!?!?!... What do you mean you don’t sing about drinking whiskey?!?!?... What do you mean you don’t constantly remind the listener of the fact that you smoke cigarettes?!?!?!... I thought this was an alt-country band... Isn’t that what those people always sing about? Richmond, Virginia-based Calvero combines indie rock and Americana into a refreshing take on alternative country. Calvero has focused on writing and recording several albums (Calvero in 2006, and I’m Not An Ass But I’m Trying To Be in 2008) as they have honed their style. In 2009, the band released an album of extra material from their earlier sessions. Titled Virginia, it offered a glance into their folk influences with heavy use of banjo, mandolin, and accordion. After an exhausting search for a new bass player, the band’s touring lineup was completed with the addition of Ryan Webb. Thus, Calvero was ready for world domination. Calvero is currently playing shows in Richmond and elsewhere, as well as working on two more full length albums, one called Open Roads, and another that has not yet been named.