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August 2014 - DJ Vince VinnyMac at the VinnyMac's 9 Global Studio Headquarters located in central Virginia.
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VinnyMac is a radio station host, underground DJ, producer, writer, and former General Manager and Chief Engineer of WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1. VinnyMac's radio show has been around since 2004 and is called VinnyMac's 9 - The Most Radioactive Show on the Planet™. The show aired on commercial and non-commercial terrestrial radio stations for 6 years up to the end of 2009 with a runtime of 18 hours over the course of two days every week ending with 12 seasons. The popularity of the show has sparked requests, phone calls, and long distance dedications from all over the world! Starting in January of 2006, instead of doing what was typically done on the show, VinnyMac and his co-hosts decided to let loose and do things a bit differently. Chat topics, guests, and live performances were completely random and unexpected. This reshaped the format of the show when VinnyMac's 9 went back in full action with the start of Season 5 in August 2006.

So what's the show's main point, you may ask? The origination of the show is to countdown the top 9 requested songs of the week (chosen by you!) and let a listener dedicate a song to a special someone. Aside from that, the show is themed around playing the world's favorite classics, hits, and is home to requests and dedications and several other side shows such as the VinnyMac's 9 After Show, Saturday Edition, Tech Talk, OverClocked ReMix Countdown, OC Alt Talk, and the annual Summer Mashup Week. VinnyMac's 9 is designed to help the audience connect with what's going on out there in the world primarily in the areas of music, video games, pop culture, and technology however the topic for discussion is always left open to talk about things as they happen. Coining many popular phrases, the show gave listeners a chance to hear a particular song, chat about virtually anything, and talk to bands and musicians, whether new or old, about their music!

VinnyMac comes from a diverse family of one biological brother and six adopted brothers and sisters from African American and Korean ancestry.

Since 2001 and the end of the show run in '09 on terrestrial radio, VinnyMac works to build, manage, and maintain large secure, fast, reliable, and cost effective datacenters all over the world using the most cutting edge technology. VinnyMac's Administration Experience ---> [Link]

VinnyMac also works with VGM artists and related organizations to better their music, live events, and streaming services through hardware / software acquisition and installation and through one on one learning sessions with VinnyMac himself! As always, you can help! All donations received go to assist VinnyMac in these endeavors!

Artists / Shows / Organizations assisted so far:
-OverClocked ReMix
-OC ReMix Radio Live - - - > Live!
-Dj Flexstyle
-Dj Cutman
-This Week in Chiptune
-Game Chops
-Lucas Vogler

Top Donors and Contributors:

Games We've Played Together:
-Caesar III
-Cave Story
-Command & Conquer
-Crash Bandicoot
-Destruction Derby 2
-Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition w/Hi-Res Pack
-Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
-Halo: Combat Evolved
-Halo 2
-Moto Racer
-Moto Racer 2
-Nexuiz Classic
-Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase
-Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
-Spyro: Year of the Dragon
-Super Mario Bros. 3
-The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions
-Twisted Metal 2

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If you have promotional material for on-air consideration make sure to send it our way!
VinnyMac Radio
PO Box 3359
Chester, VA 23831
Like Sonic the Hedgehog, VinnyMac is faster than the speed of sound...
June 2017 - Studio 6F where most shows and live mixing events occur on our private VIP platform, live-caster.
June 2017 - Studio 6F set for live mixing and music composition for our esteemed VIPs.
June 2017 - Studio 6F control systems.
June 2017 - Studio 6F VIP live set.
May 2017 - When someones mother decided to infiltrate one of many music composition spaces.
May 2017 - A rare glimpse inside Studio 6F during a live music composition session on live-caster.
May 2017 - The studio control systems and live set in action during the monthly VIP update before PHXCC 2017.
March 2017 - The show's monitoring & control center in full force for Episode 1402.
February 2017 - The show's monitoring & control center during weekly platform testing.
June 2016 - The completed Ubuntu logo four weeks after the healing process began.
June 2016 - The completed Ubuntu logo the day after the healing process began.
June 2016 - The completed 3D Ubuntu logo.
June 2016 - Getting close to completion.
June 2016 - Tattoo artist Jack Mora Jr. carefully selects the colors needed for this piece.
June 2016 - The trace of the logo.
June 2016 - After contemplating it for about 12 years VinnyMac goes in to Chosen Art Tattoo Studio in Glendale, Arizona the night before the start of Phoenix Comicon along with two of the other four #GameCHUMPS to watch VinnyMac permanently seal the logo to which the ideals he consistently lives by...Commitment to the Ubuntu concept! Apart from it being a great design, you have to love what it stands for which are the primary ideals of Ubuntu and the open source community. The ideas of sharing, caring, acceptance, diversity, giving back, acknowledgement, and working towards a greater good, etc. Ubuntu sums it up nicely...humanity to others - an OS for human beings!
September 2015 - The dark studio at the end of the first episode of the podcast airing on 09/10/2015, right before MAGClassic 2015!
September 2015 - VinnyMac wrapping up the show and handing things off to his partner in crime, Bill!
September 2015 - VinnyMac preparing to debut the latest version of the 3D visualization system...
September 2015 - VinnyMac starting off the show in Austin, TX with a bang!
September 2015 - VinnyMac working on a massive live DJ test!
September 2015 - The #GameChumps on a several mile journey at the end of #MAGClassic in search of coffee, omelets, and pancakes.
September 2015 - VinnyMac with long time friend JinXie Cat at MAGClassic 2015!
September 2015 - One of us plays games the other is a chump...together we are the #GameChumps heading to MAGClassic 2015!
January 2016 - The studio gets a slight redesign at the start of the year!
September 2015 - Even when it's not being used for VinnyMac's live show, the broadcast studio does get quite busy...and bright!
August 2015 - Thanks to one meeting VinnyMac had to make capacity upgrades which meant major changes in the way the studio works.
August 2015 - A progression shot of the new studio build!
August 2015 - An exclusive sneak peek of the new studio being built for the upcoming podcast!
July 2015 - The new broadcasting space and mini NOC completely built, all powered by Windows 10 Pro!
June 2015 - VinnyMac heading out to Seattle early in the morning followed by Los Angeles to get going for another E3!

June 2015 - Your equipment is what makes everything you do possible. VinnyMac had the opportunity to show off some of the latest hardware and software he's working on in both live audio mixing and 3D visualization technologies to some of his regulars...they went nuts!

Powered by:
-Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
-Intel Core Processors
-NVIDIA GeForce PhysX GPUs
-Western Digital Black² Dual Drives
-Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Audio Systems
June 2015 - VinnyMac's custom designed and built 18 deck live DJ mixer and mastering system controlled by an Android smart watch!
June 2015 - VinnyMac from rehearsal while performing his incredibly original 'She's Got the Look'!
June 2015 - VinnyMac in the studio with Flexstyle (middle) and Lucas Vogler (left)!
June 2015 - VinnyMac chillin' with the one and only KingTiger!
June 2015 - VinnyMac and Flexstyle in the studio in Phoenix, AZ!
May 2015 - VinnyMac hangin' out with Tenwug (left)!
May 2015 - At Four Peaks Brewery with Flexstyle (left) and Tenwug (right)!
May 2015 - Star Wars tech at Phoenix Comicon 2015!
May 2015 - Setting up at endgame in Tempe, AZ!
May 2015 - The night life at Phoenix Comicon 2015!
May 2015 - Phoenix Comicon 2015!
May 2015 - Product placement? #surge #surgeisback
May 2015 - Incredibly hot and exhausted in the green room after debuting the new track written earlier in the week!
May 2015 - VinnyMac always has fun interacting with the audience!
May 2015 - Need he say or do more?
April 2015 - ...and that kids is how VinnyMac met your mother...errr...how he got his persona as Sonic the Hedgehog...he can run 5 miles in 20-30 minutes and in almost any conditions while looking stylish as hell!
April 2015 - "Oh my God! They found me, I don't know how but they found me!" This is shot at a 5.6 aperture using a low-light filter. You can see the grain from the high-speed film - there's sort of a slight glisten on VinnyMac's face right here from the rain - and the low depth of field keeps the background soft...
April 2015 - A rare behind the scenes view of one of VinnyMac's many offices...
April 2015 - Welcome to another thrilling edition of VinnyMac's many offices...
April 2015 - VinnyMac and Wind Waker Link want you to know that no matter how rough things are in your life, everything will eventually turn out okay...
April 2015 - Multitasking! "Working" and getting things ready for online stream testing for the NEW studio coming soon before arriving at VinnyMac's underground lair later that evening for the first series of tests.
April 2015 - LONk and VinnyMac! Brothers, together forever!
April 2015 - The aftermath of setting up LONk's online operations provided by VinnyMac Productions. Still some work to do but they're getting close!
April 2015 - VinnyMac out on a super top secret mission!
April 2015 - Just because the A/C breaks and it's incredibly hot doesn't mean the show can't go on!
April 2015 - LONk shares with us the new and improved sexy man pose!
April 2015 - VinnyMac visited LONk aka IMightBeLONk in North Carolina to assist in setting up online operations. A lot of fun was had that weekend.
March 2015 - From the rendering portion from the evening's cinematic shooting.
March 2015 - A small portion of the goods brought back from Nintendo World in NYC!
March 2015 - Lucas Vogler hangin' out with Link from The Legend of Zelda.
March 2015 - A trip to NYC is not complete without visiting Nintendo World!
March 2015 - Lucas Vogler chillin' at the hotel!
March 2015 - VinnyMac and Joe Cater about to leave for the pub after the show at around midnight...if only they could find that Lucas Vogler guy.
February 2015 - Tommy Siegel (Jukebox the Ghost guitarist) and Lucas Vogler after the show!
February 2015 - Lucas Vogler and VinnyMac with The Secret Ssomeones. They were totally on fire!
February 2015 - The final number of the show!
February 2015 - VinnyMac and Lucas Vogler hanging out before the Jukebox the Ghost show live at Irving Plaza in NYC, 02/28.
February 2015 - VinnyMac enjoying pizza, Guinness, and a few other food related things with Joe Cater and Lucas Vogler at The Pizza Pub in NYC!
February 2015 - VinnyMac sent 12 of these guitar pendant necklaces to various members of the video game community shortly after MAGFest13 of whom have shown him their obivous dedication to the community. Although there is a much longer and sentimental version of the story which was shared amongst those who received it, VinnyMac was given this exact item when he started his radio career in 1999 from the people who made that possible and were critical to make sure it continued in a positive path. He pointed out that both OverClocked ReMix as an organization and VGM with the mixture of EDM played a tremendous role to the success of the show. This is an item he has considered to be one of his most prized possessions and is a constant reminder of the importance of creativity, community, friendship, and everlasting peace - regardless of religion!
February 2015 - One of the guitar pendant necklaces sent across international channels to reach its recipient.
January 2015 - VinnyMac continues to support all things OCR and VGM as an art form! #MAGFest13
January 2015 - VinnyMac flew in and picked up from the airport one of his favorite remixers and special guest DJ Flexstyle (Phoenix, AZ). #MAGFest13.
January 2015 - Jamming on the first night in the OverClocked ReMix suite (Flexstyle, CarboHydroM, Geoffrey Taucer, LuizA 177, and Darangen). #MAGFest13
January 2015 - Meeting some familiar faces but also putting names to faces for the first time in the OverClocked ReMix suite (halc, VinnyMac, Geoffrey Taucer, and Flexstyle). #MAGFest13
January 2015 - Some of the audience showing OC ReMix how to rock! #MAGFest13
January 2015 - ...and VinnyMac thought he was the crazy one...insanity followed when meeting Belthesar!
January 2015 - VinnyMac hangin' out with the guys from OverClocked ReMix and GameChops (Dj Vince VinnyMac, DJ Flexstyle, Dj CUTMAN, and Grimecraft). #MAGFest13
January 2015 - RoBKTA and VinnyMac hangin' out at MAGFest13.
January 2015 - VinnyMac with the one and only Ralfington. #MAGFest13
January 2015 - The infamous "backend" lemonbot usually found on TWiC! Hangin' out in the green room before the Video Game DJ Battle. #MAGFest13
January 2015 - All you gotta know...MAGFest13!
January 2015 - VinnyMac (far left) as part of the GameChops Squad during the Video Game DJ Battle. #MAGFest13
January 2015 - Raw backstage footage at the GameChops Video Game DJ Battle. #MAGFest13
January 2015 - The epic GameChops Video Game DJ Battle at MAGFest13.
January 2015 - More from the epic GameChops Video Game DJ Battle at MAGFest13.
January 2015 - VinnyMac and the host (of TWiC) with the most, Dj CUTMAN! #MAGFest13
January 2015 - Setting up for a photo after the VGM record label panel! #MAGFest13
January 2015 - The new Behringer DJX-750 mixer given to Dj CUTMAN to help continue the support of his show 'This Week in Chiptune' (TWiC). #MAGFest13
January 2015 - The new Marathon Flight Road Case for the Behringer DJX-750 mixer given to Dj CUTMAN to help continue the support of his show 'This Week in Chiptune' (TWiC). #MAGFest13
January 2015 - VinnyMac leaving his mark on the Chiptune Jam Space! #MAGFest13
January 2015 - Flexstyle and VinnyMac at the end of MAGFest13 before departing National Harbor, Maryland in the heavy snow.
December 2014 - It was awesome hanging out with these fine folks during the show at Oldskool Video Games and More in Suffolk, Virginia - Derek Williams, Tonezee, Big Al' s Jams, the Zinc Platypus, and Double D Project!
December 2014 - the Zinc Platypus and VinnyMac after the show!
November 2014 - The things VinnyMac finds when straightening things up...The ancient Brass Eagle Talon Paintball Marker from the days of playing paintball every week...hang on while he reloads the co2 cartridge...
October 2014 - An exhausted VinnyMac just getting back to central Virginia from his latest business trip in New York City!
September 2014 - VinnyMac arriving at MAGFest 8.5 in Alexandria, Virginia!
September 2014 - VinnyMac supports all things OCR and VGM as an art form! What things do you support? #MAGFest8point5
September 2014 - VinnyMac brought two new copies of OCR's first commercial album For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man and gave them away to two die hard OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! fans at MAGFest 8.5.
September 2014 - VinnyMac and friends at Illusions Thai Cafe on Saturday night in Alexandria, VA for MAGFest 8.5!
September 2014 - Waitin' for the food...
September 2014 - The super hot group photo at the end of MAGFest 8.5 with the legendary Wes Johnson and Jon St. John aka Duke Nukem!
September 2014 - VinnyMac leaving his mark on MAGFest 8.5!
August 2014 - VinnyMac with long time friend Jinx and the Counting Crows before the start of the album pre-release show at Irving Plaza in NYC!
August 2014 - VinnyMac having a great time at the Pizza Pub on 3rd Avenue with good friends and drinks in NYC!
VinnyMac masters all things including astronomy!
VinnyMac mastering all things professionally since 1994!
Although this might not look like anything special, this was incredible technology in its prime which was the show's gateway to the outside world. It gave thousands of listeners the ability to tune in to the VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show anywhere in the world! Bandwidth in the early days of broadband internet connectivity was definitely a problem in the early 2000's so an intricate set of relays were placed around the United States specifically to handle the large number of simultaneous listeners of the show.
VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show™
The Most Radioactive Show on the Planet™
•Air Time:
January 2004 - December 2009
Friday's 8 PM - 4 AM ET
Saturday's 6 PM - 4 AM ET
•Broadcast Types:
-Terrestrial - 92.1 FM
-Webcast - WMA (Hosted)
-Webcast - MP3 (Hosted)
-Webcast - AACplus (Hosted)
-Webcast - SHOUTcast
-Webcast - Icecast
-Webcast - RealNetworks
-Local TV Channel 39
-Dj Vince VinnyMac (Vince VinnyMac Sparzak)
-Sideshow Bob (Rob Hembree)
-Doc Nakano / Jolly (Josh Sorey)
-DJ Ninja N00b (Dave Heatwole)
-The Colonel (Scott Matthew)
-Lee Johnson (Himself)
-Cap'n Crunch (Nate Green)
-Doc Okkid (Tim Nestor)
-The Integrator (Bret Newton)
-Rudy Turner (Himself)
-Smeagol (Chase Linger)
-Comrade Josef (Ben Shega)
-Christopher Burton (Himself)
-DJ Biscuits (Daniel Broadwater)
•Friends of the Show:
-BJ Nagel from "Calvero"
-Dr. Joe Foy from "The Foy Factor"
-DJ Geek (Gerry Martin)
-Michael Hamman (Himself)
-Rudy Turner (Himself)
-Jason Bishop (Himself)
-Will Bishop (Himself)
•Recurring Shows and Segments:
-VinnyMac's 9 - Pre Show*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Top 9 Request Countdown*
-VinnyMac's 9 - After Show*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Chattin' with VinnyMac*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Saturday Edition*
-VinnyMac's 9 - The Most Ungodly Hour*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Request and Dedication*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Beginner's Luck**
-VinnyMac's 9 - Midnight Takeover w/Doc Nakano / Okkid**
-VinnyMac's 9 - Metal Power Hour w/Sideshow Bob**
-VinnyMac's 9 - Sports and Stats w/Cap'n Crunch**
-VinnyMac's 9 - VinnyMac's Cybershack*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Tech Talk w/Friends of the Show*
-VinnyMac's 9 - OC Alt Talk**
-VinnyMac's 9 - OverClocked ReMix Pick of the Week*
-VinnyMac's 9 - OC ReMix Top Request Countdown**
-VinnyMac's 9 - OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live!***
-VinnyMac's 9 - What's Goin' on Out There*
-VinnyMac's 9 - Hangin' Out with VinnyMac**
-VinnyMac's 9 - Inside the DJs Studio***
-VinnyMac's 9 - Summer Mashup Week***
-VinnyMac's 9 - Independence Day Special***
-VinnyMac's 9 - Live at Chalgrove Point***
-VinnyMac's 9 - Halloween Nightmare Special***
-VinnyMac's 9 - Have a Holly "Jolly" Christmas Special***
•Remotes and Events:
-VinnyMac's 9 - Microsoft Xbox 360 Launch Event
-VinnyMac's 9 - Counting Crows Tour Sweepstakes
-VinnyMac's 9 - Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour Sweepstakes
-VinnyMac's 9 - Nine Inch Nails Tour Sweepstakes
-VinnyMac's 9 - Live in St. Louis - 2006 World Series -
  Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers
-VinnyMac's 9 - Sony Playstation 3 Launch Event
-VinnyMac's 9 - Nintendo Wii Launch Event
-Gary B & the Notions Interview and Live Studio Show
-That 1 Guy Interview and Live Studio Show
-Calvero Interview and Live Studio Show
-VinnyMac's 9 - Live at Tiger Football
-VinnyMac's 9 - Live at SBC
•Show Clips:
-VinnyMac's 9 - Listen to a few raw clips from the show
•VinnyMac's Popular Show Phrases
-"Welcome to VinnyMac's 9 the place to be any / every
  (intentionally ambiguous depending on
  show content) Friday and Saturday night."
-"I'm VinnyMac your loyal host coming to you live from..."
-"We're here tonight to countdown YOUR top 9 requested
  hits of the week."
-"Welcome back to VinnyMac's 9 - the most radioactive
  show on the planet featured right here!"
-"Welcome back to the show that cares so much about you
  that every week we countdown YOUR top 9
  requested hits of the week."
-"You asked for 'em so you got 'em."
VinnyMac and WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1
October 2006 - WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 Staff, Show Hosts, and DJs. Many not pictured...So difficult to get everyone together all at once. Station personnel total: 65
January 2006 - VinnyMac during the first show on WWHS-FM using the dilapidated system which would soon be part of the 2 year long station revitalization project.
One of the many reasons why VinnyMac loved working in radio...connecting people to the artists they love!
Preparing for the Nine Inch Nails promo.
When receiving surveys from station listeners over the course of almost 4 years at WWHS-FM, the consensus was fairly unanimous in the "problems" field of the survey...
Speaking of surveys, you always have a few guys who go on-air thinking they are above the laws, rules, and regulations that govern things like FM radio. This was most noticeable when the staff at WWHS-FM were working to pursue a license modification to increase transmission output power. As General Manager, VinnyMac was fairly laid back and understanding when things happened on accident or in the heat of the moment, however when a host and/or DJ intentionally breaks laws, rules, and regulations on a continuous basis (17 times in one particular instance) which have incredibly expensive fines, he draws the line. VinnyMac would typically react in the most severe manner only when listeners lodged a formal complaint with the FCC which were clearly in the wrong. Even though this was explained in great detail to the small number of affected personnel, most of them to this day still don't understand the seriousness behind their actions while on-air.
Show notes from 08/25/2006 (Season 5) of the VinnyMac's 9 Top Request Countdown segment.
Show notes from 09/01/2006 (Season 5) of the VinnyMac's 9 Top Request Countdown segment. What happens when you receive about 100 more countdown requests from the rest of the world the day of the show...
Show notes from 09/08/2006 (Season 5) of the VinnyMac's 9 Top Request Countdown segment.
Show notes from 09/15/2006 (Season 5) of the VinnyMac's 9 Top Request Countdown segment.
VinnyMac (WWHS-FM General Manager and Chief Engineer, 2006-2008) and Doc Nakano (WWHS-FM Program Director, 2006-2007) posing for a pic during the initial 2 year long station revitalization project back in 2006.
Rebuilding every aspect of the station from the ground up. Phase 1 of the station revitalization project complete.
The audio processing and stereo generator equipment originally installed in 1973 during the 91.7 FM years.
Keeping track of the terminal based wiring which would be converted to XLR for the replacement equipment.
It's amazing how small technology gets over time. The replacement audio processor / stereo generator all-in-one!
WWHS-FM Tiger 92.1 transmission site, attached to the 4 story facility across the way.
Broadcasting live 24/7 365 days a year!
VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show Team (2006 - 2009)
-VinnyMac (Vince VinnyMac Sparzak)
-Doc Nakano / Jolly (Josh Sorey)
-Sideshow Bob (Rob Hembree)
-DJ Ninja N00b (Dave Heatwole)
-The Colonel (Scott Matthew)
-Lee Johnson (Himself)
-Cap'n Crunch (Nate Green)
-Doc Okkid (Tim Nestor)
-Smeagol (Chase Linger)
-Comrade Josef (Ben Shega)
-Christopher Burton (Himself)
February 2006 - VinnyMac, Smeagol, and Doc Nakano during one of the most iconic episodes of VinnyMac's 9 in the show's history!
Sideshow Bob making a very important phone call shortly before the start of the show.
Doc Nakano looking for a particular album, not knowing where to start.
It's true! As an actor VinnyMac has the ability to dramatically change appearance, personality, and voice when needed and as a result he has been mistaken for Seth Rogen and several other more notable actors on many occasions...but you know what? That doesn't matter right now. You better watch out! VinnyMac with the Nerf Buzzsaw Blaster, no less.
February 2006 - Sideshow Bob and VinnyMac jamming live on-air!
April 2007 - There he goes! Just hanging out with VinnyMac outside the studio during one of many popular live on-air segments.
April 2007 - DJ Ninja N00b reaches for it! No! No!! No!!!
April 2007 - Woot! woot! woot!
April 2007 - DJ Ninja N00b about to take cover from the crossfire coming from the air-studio!
April 2007 - DJ Ninja N00b taking cover from the crossfire!
April 2007 - You're gonna die bitch!...but not really.
April 2007 - Sideshow Bob providing some amusing commentary and operating the board during the hanging out with VinnyMac segment.
September 2006 - Jolly thinkin' - Get that camera out of my face!
October 2006 - Doc Nakano and VinnyMac the day after VinnyMac's 9 - Live in St. Louis - 2006 World Series - Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers.
Lee and his glorious head of hair.
Dare we even ask what's going on here?
That's Dr. Sideshow Bob (the Physicist) to you!
The Integrator and Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob and The Integrator preparing for Halloween.
Damn! You scary...or maybe creepy is the better word.
Sideshow Bob and the four knives! Wait!...who gave him a knife, let alone four?!?!?!
Nate excitedly surrenders.
The farewell to Bret after his last show on-air.
Sideshow Bob arriving at the club early.
Sideshow Bob and the insane amount of salt and pepper being doused into Jolly's hair without him noticing for some time.
Oh snap! Sideshow Bob found Nate and he's coming to get him!
The Kickass Trio at your service.
The combo of Sideshow Bob and fire is a very bad idea.
The annual destruction of completely unusable computer components. Yes, a printer was involved which went out "Office Space" style, however it's too graphic to show.
Sideshow Bob working his destruction magic!
Lee, the destructinator...take that!
The NSYNC bobbleheads which were already at the station when VinnyMac started airing the show on WWHS-FM. These two in particular paved the way for many inside jokes only regular listeners would understand.
VinnyMac rockin' out with Sideshow Bob off the air.
A rare look back at the programming of the VinnyMac's 9 Top Request Countdown as chosen by YOU during Season 7 in August 2007.
Gave away two of our show slots during the last half of the show's hottest year on-air because we're cool like that!
As requested by fans of the show, here is what a typical 2 hour block of the VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show looks like before live processing and equalization.
VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show Season 1 Album Cover
June 2004 - Old school green screening for a few promotional items for the show. The only time VinnyMac ever wore eye color changing contacts.
VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show Season 6 Album Cover
VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show Season Layout
Season 1 (2004) Season 2 (2004)
January - July August - December
31 Shows 35 Shows
Intro Intro
Season 3 (2005) Season 4 (2006)
August - December January - July
38 Shows 49 Shows
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Season 5 (2006) Season 6 (2007)
August - December January - July
42 Shows 46 Shows
Intro Intro
Season 7 (2007) Season 8 (2008)
August - December January - March
44 Shows 24 Shows
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  Final Outro - 03/15/2008
Season 9 (2008) Season 10 (2008)
April - July August - December
28 Shows 24 Shows
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32 Shows 32 Shows
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Common Voice-over Tracks
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Total: 425 Shows
-Special shows, live events, and remotes are not included in the show count. The count consists of aired regularly scheduled Friday and Saturday shows.
-Due to the copyright of the respective artists featured on the show, the archives are not made publically available.
-Copyrighted tracks featured on the show were licensed through BMI and ASCAP at the time of airing.